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GOM Shrimp Are Here!
Cape Ann Fresh Catch Newsletter
December 7, 2009

First ever winter shares to include Gulf of Maine Shrimp.

Gulf of Maine (GOM) Shrimp may be the best tasting least known seafood that comes from our local waters. Having fished and eaten fish since I was a kid, it came as no surprise to me that there are locally caught edible shrimp, and that seafood connoisseurs consider them to be among the best tasting shrimp in the world.


Halfway Rock and more...
Cape Ann Fresh Catch Newsletter
August 3, 2009

With half of the inaugural season completed CAFC looks ahead at new and extended seasons...

From the conception of CAFC, where even the most optimistic hoped for 100 members, to the sometimes overwhelming yet insanely gratifying reality that well over 1000 people have joined this noble experiment, it has been a wild ride. And truly the biggest thanks goes to you the CAFC shareholders. Without your support, forbearance and enthusiasm none of this could have happened and all of us at CAFC want to make sure you know just how gratifying it is to be partners with all of you that has exceeded all of our wildest hopes. Not everything has gone perfectly. But rest assured we are listening.


Here we go! Cape Ann Fresh Catch launches inaugural season...
Cape Ann Fresh Catch Newsletter
June 14, 2009

Wow! Welcome to the first season of Cape Ann Fresh Catch (CAFC)!

From conception to execution the CAFC CFS has grown beyond anyone’s expectations and we are just getting started. With over 700 prospective members CAFC is poised to make a huge impact on our local fisheries as well as introduce co-op members to seafood so fresh they are unlikely to encounter anything like it in a fish market. As one of our fishermen Paul Metevier says, “[You’re] tastebuds will never go back!”


"When we lose our connection to the tides and the seasons, we lose a vital connection to ourselves and God"

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